Increase Energy, Reduced Stress, Clearer Focus

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I am a second section in Oom Yung Doe. I have been enrolled in the International Level Degree Training program for approximately four months. The training I have received has been remarkably efficacious. The learning environment is positive, challenging and highly supportive. Every instructor at every level has treated me with utmost respect, has taken a genuine interest in my progress and development and has challenged me to reach beyond what I think my limits are. The results have been extraordinary. Already I am stronger, more flexible and more supple in my movements. I have worked as a flexibility coach to athletes of all levels for the past 10 years. As a result of my Oom Yung Doe training for the past 4 months, my body now moves in a way that it never could before. The more I practice, the more I see my potential, and the more inspired I am to continue my training. I also believe that everything I am learning inside the classroom will have manifold benefit to me outside the classroom. The changes I am feeling in my body are the result of the changes I am feeling in my life. I have increased energy, reduced stress, a clearer focus and a healthier perspective. The principles of Moo Doe are powerful lessons that can be applied to my everyday life. I am exceptionally pleased to be a member of the Oom Yung Doe community.

Barbara Chandler
Business owner
Age 48