I Haven’t Felt This Good About Myself in 10 years

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I signed up for the International Training program on faith. Faith in my Instructor, Assistant National Instructor Rich and faith in the Moo Doe Moral beliefs. My only concern was making myself practice at home, which I rarely did.

I also signed up because I am in excellent health for someone 50 plus, besides being overweight and out of shape. Although I felt I would be able to keep up after being in Chung Moo Doe for 2 ½ years and reaching 4th section.

The results have exceeded my expectations. I “did” make myself practice the movements designed for my body type from the National Instructors.

At the same time I began the program I started losing weight under a doctor’s care.

I faithfully practiced my movements and attended the 3 International training sessions a month which left little time for regular lessons because of my own scheduling conflicts.

It wasn’t until I attended a regular lesson that I realized the improvements I had been making. My Instructor hadn’t seen me for several weeks and couldn’t believe the change in my body. Not only that, he had to call his Instructor to ask how to instruct me.

Just that little encouragement from Instructor Todd boosted my confidence and self worth tremendously. I then noticed I was kicking higher and bending lower during my lessons. I even jumped a little. I have since lost 20 pounds and been able to pick up movements quicker. I haven’t felt this good about myself in 10 years.

Thank You Moo Doe!
Sue Graham
Winter Springs FL