Conditioning Programs

Practitioners of any age typically experience profound benefits mentally and physically. Health imbalances improve, energy increases, and your overall condition strengthens.

Featured Programs:

  • Weight Loss
  • Self-Defense
  • Core Strength
  • Increased Immune System
  • Strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Stress-Relief
  • Digestive Imbalances

What Others Say:

That’s what other students have experienced through training. Ultimately, the only way to see what you can gain from practice is to try for yourself.

The Power of Traditional Martial Arts is Proven…

No one has the power to stop the aging process but you DO have the power to maintain good mental & physical health…

No matter who you are or what your condition may be, if your body is not functioning properly you cannot attain the benefits of proper nutrients, vitamins, food, physical or mental exercise, etc.  It has been proven over the centuries that Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) enables one to have a strong and properly functioning mind and body, which allows you to properly absorb all of the positive things you are putting into to the body and eliminate all of the waste that should be removed from your body.  This is the key to health.

The Key to Anti-Aging & An Increased Quality of Life

TMA & Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) affirm that having increased chi and circulation, as well as free flow of chi and blood throughout the body’s channels/meridians leads one to attain optimal health and slows down the aging process.  The increased supply and movement of chi and blood allows the body to absorb and eliminate properly; this in turn makes the body function at an optimal level, thereby leading to increased cell renewal, which is the key to anti-aging.  Ultimately, blockages lead to decreased function, which in turn leads to aging, decreased activity level, stress and decreased quality of life.

OYD Traditional Martial Arts Conditioning Programs effectively remove blocked energy and create a clear pathway for chi to flow optimally throughout your body. Each properly balanced movement specifically targets your area of imbalance and balances with your age and condition.

Remember, life is only once.  No one has a spare mind and body.  Do not neglect yourself.

The First Step is For us to Meet You, Get to Know You and See if This Program is a Good Fit For You.

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