Independent Woman

“My experience with Oom Yung Doe is that it has made me so much stronger and I have become an independent women doing things as much so, that my husband no longer has to take care of me.” Sandra H – Age 63

Best Investment I Ever Made

“Oom Yung Doe would still be the best investment I have ever made in myself. I have gained a quality of life I never knew before, and what is more important than yourself? Even for the short time I have been training, I am realizing the potential of my mind and body, and am truly happier now than I have ever been in my life.” Robert W

Fibromyalgia- Cure

“After years of trying to find a “cure” for my Fibromyalgia, all my hard work led me to Oom Yung Doe. Their knowledge, movement, caring attention and consistency to my well-being has made me a better, more healthier person than all the doctors, therapists and medications in the past could ever do. I am stronger than ever…even stronger than I was before Fibromyalgia. I have more knowledge about my health and continue to become healthier with each passing day. My life has changed in ways that I thought were impossible. I look forward to each day because I know that Oom Yung Doe is something that will always benefit me and can never be taken away.” Chris G.

My Boosted Confidence is Overwhelmingly Evident

“The psychological benefits have been just as noticeable as the physical. My mind is clearer from meditation movements. My boosted confidence is overwhelmingly evident in my face and how I carry myself. Emotions do not overwhelm me. I am able to calmly handle surprising or distressing events without overreacting.” Jason S

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