Adult Training

The goal of Traditional Martial Arts is to challenge yourself, or “win over yourself,” to reach your fullest potential for your ultimate mental, physical and spiritual development; this is success. This success directly improves every aspect of your life: inner peace, confidence, communication, relationships, and mental and physical health. Traditional Martial Arts has been known throughout the centuries to alleviate the stress and suffering of everyday life, as well as powerfully give the ability to change bad habits (just as removing illness allows someone to have ultimate health). In general, winning over yourself means removing negativity and developing only positivity in one’s life. You carry this with you always.

Skill and Ability

Skill and ability is attained by learning from someone who has achieved skill and ability. Anyone who claims to be qualified to teach should be able to clearly demonstrate what they can do.

What you see in this video, you can achieve for yourself.


Practitioners of any age typically experience profound benefits mentally and physically. Health imbalances improve, energy increases, and your overall condition strengthens.

That’s what other students have experienced through training. Ultimately, the only way to see what you can gain from practice is to try for yourself.

Training Options

8 Martial Arts – Monthly Membership

Oom Yung Doe offers fundamental training in 8 Complete Martial Arts .  Lessons are offered 6 days per week to allow busy individuals plenty of options to improve themselves.  The lessons are a combination of on-line, small group (2-4 students) indoor lessons, and group outdoor lessons.  Each day there is a specific focus on one of the 8 martial arts taught in Oom Yung Doe. The for a $175 per month membership*, or $150 per month for Students or Seniors.

* $175 / month does not include training equipment or test fees. Training can be placed on hold or cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.

Championship Coaching Program – Learn Directly From a Master

On this program, students of all levels have the opportunity to learn directly from a 9th Degree International Master and to develop skill in a specialty form or weapon. On this program, you learn a Chung Dan Hyung form or weapon plus you receive coaching directly from a Master to help fit the form to your body type and specific direction on how to quickly maximize your development and skill. Through practice you can develop a high level of skill and competence in a specific form or weapon as well as greatly accelerate your development. Benefits of this program include:

  • Greatly enhanced skills and abilities
  • Stronger immune system and greater internal energy
  • Improved confidence and self defense skills
  • Greater mental strength and a calmer outlook
  • Improved communication and better decision-making
  • Enhanced longevity and quality of life

Championship Coaching is a 6-month program, tuition is $1400-$1550. Learn more about Championship Coaching.

1 Month Introduction

Adults can receive an individual consultation and evaluation from a certified instructor, a month of unlimited daytime or evening lessons, and herbal training spray, for $175.

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