Oom Yung Doe offers a wide variety of programs for adults of all ages to develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and agility.  These programs help students to reduce stress or illness and increase their energy level. This practice will also build tremendous skill and ability to help you in other areas of life.
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Training towards a 1st or 2nd degree Black Belt recognized at the International Level.  The Oom Yung Doe system of training is overseen by the Master Level Teaching Team made up of 8th Degree black belts.

There are also lessons taught by higher level and even Master Level Instructors.  One key principle of this training is that in addition to the lessons received daily, several times per year the students have the opportunity to learn from the most qualified instructors in the country.

This training is a path towards reaching a higher level of mental and physical strength.   It is a longer commitment and it takes discipline and determination, but all of the students we have seen who have completed this training are proud and glad that they did so.

This is an option for students who are looking to reach a deeper level of development and set a foundation of physical and mental ability that can last a lifetime.

8 Martial Arts Unlimited Program – Monthly Membership

***During the social isolation for Coronavirus, you can learn at home through our online lessons!  Call or contact the school to discuss options!   (412)421-7311

Oom Yung Doe offers fundamental training in 8 Complete Martial Arts for a $175 per month membership* ($150 per month for full time students and seniors). In this program, students can attend as many lessons as they like (24 to 26 lessons per month!)  Our lesson schedule allows busy individuals to find ample time to learn and practice:

  • Noon to 1am, Monday through Friday
  • 6 to 7pm, Monday through Friday evenings
  • Saturdays, 11am to noon  (outdoors, weather permitting)

Each week features a one of the Eight Martial Art Styles as the main focus. There are also daily secondary focus on each of the different styles, allowing for a complete, well-rounded training.  Students also learn effective self-defense skills, meditation techniques, and movements that help to condition and maintain various parts of the body.

* Monthly fee does not include training equipment or test fees.  However, students on this program receive discounts on herbal equipment and certain Seminars.

Master Level Championship Coaching Program – Learn Directly From a Master!

On this program, students of all levels have the opportunity to learn directly from a 9th Degree International Master and to develop skill in a specialty form or weapon. On this program, you learn a Chung Dan Hyung form.  The longer and more challenging movements allow students to greatly accelerate their development, Students will receive follow-up coaching directly from a Master to help fit the form to your body type and specific direction on how to quickly maximize your development and skill. These Seminars alow students to specialize in certain forms or styles.  Benefits of this program include:

  • Greatly enhanced skills and abilities
  • Stronger immune system and greater internal energy
  • Improved confidence and self defense skills
  • Greater mental strength and a calmer outlook
  • Improved communication and better decision-making
  • Enhanced longevity and quality of life

Championship Coaching is a 9 month program. Contact An Instructor To Learn More.

These Dan Hyung forms, and the even stronger Jhoong Hyung forms, can be demonstrated by students in Oom Yung Doe Tournaments.  By participating in a Tournament, students are more motivated to practice and strive towards perfecting their movements, allowing them to reach higher levels of development, and the challenge improves their confidence and satisfaction in life.

Traditional Martial Arts for Seniors Program – Now available online!

In this program, students learn forms and movements from the the Eight Martial Arts Styles, but emphasizing Tai Chi and Bagua, as well as certain QiGong techniques.  These movements will build strength, improve flexibility and balance, and increase longevity.  The coordination of proper breathing with movement increases practitioner’s energy and relaxes the mind.  These “low-impact” forms allow muscles and joints to be strengthened without the more jarring movements in other harder Martial Art styles.  As such, the training is suitable for those with arthritis, back issues, and knee and hip replacements.

Students will also learn to use several weapons. This practice is good for strengthening the upper body and increasing mental concentration.  Effective self-defense is taught as part of this program, adding greater security and confidence for practitioners. Meditation is also taught and practiced at the end of each lesson, allowing students to cultivate a more calm and focused mind.

The lessons are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 to 11:45am,         Fridays Noon to 1pm.   Cost is $99 per month.

Studies have shown that regular Tai Chi practice reduces the risk of falls in older persons. Harvard Medical School recommends Tai Chi as an adjunct to regular Western Medicine  for the “prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age” (Peter Wayne, MD).

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