Millions of people have benefited through Traditional Moo Doe around the world.

For over 35 years in the United States alone, Oom Yung Doe has continued to help thousands of lives by building a strong foundation based upon Moo Doe principles, therefore giving everyone the opportunity to improve themselves. Over the centuries, Traditional Moo Doe has been known to be one of fastest and safest ways to develop. Now, specialized training programs utilizing Traditional Moo Doe movements and acupressure points are available to address specific physical and mental issues. These programs are 2 months to 6 months in length and are available to students and non-students alike. In a few months you can change your reality and improve the quality of your life.

Ask your instructor for more information.

Mental Development, Headaches, Stress Relief

“Being a physician, I have access to all the latest diagnostic techniques yet my migraine headaches persisted. Thanks to you I am headache free and off all medication, I know of others, including physicians, who you have helped with ailments I previously considered untreatable.”kung fu pittsburgh pa

“I’ve had chronic migraines that doctors could not explain. After practicing I’ve noticed that my migraines have virtually gone away. Practicing has also improved my sleeping patterns. In only one month, two of the biggest issues in my life have diminished drastically, I can only imagine what is to come.”

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“Nothing has impacted my mental health or my quality of life as drastically and in such a short period of time. Even my Doctor is perplexed by my reduced need for high doses of medication and cheers me on with, ‘Keep going.’”

Overall Wellness

“Some people say life begins at 40. I have at times been handicapped by neck, shoulder and back problems, which I now recognize as symptoms of stress. I say my life began with Moo Doe at 59.” karate school for kids pittsburgh pa

My body is becoming more flexible, stronger and my mind is more at peace than I have felt in many years. As a side benefit, I’ve lost 30 pounds without even trying to lose weight.”

“I hope to continue moving like a young man for a long time. You help me to stay healthier and keep a sharp mind.”

“I left the military with a bad back, bad knees and severe migraine headaches. Your system has miraculously alleviated most of the pain.”

“As regional sales manager for a fortune 100 company, my job involved high stress. This caused gout, swelling, and loss of sleep. Constant pain was my companion. With your help, the gout disappeared, my cholesterol level fell, and my weight decreased. I just plain feel good!”

“Eight years of stress has been lessened to a comfortable level. I now believe, with practice, I will be healthy and active well into old age.”

“I am less stressed, happier, and a better parent.”

“Having very little patience, I was quick tempered and did not handle stress well. Your Moo Doe training has given me a way to relieve the harmful effects of stress in my life at the same time improving me both mentally and physically.”

“When I began, I had limited flexibility, my body constantly ached, and I had little energy. Now, because of the training program, and the special conditioning movements that were taught to me, I have regained the flexibility and strength that I once had. Best of all, I now have the energy to play with my children.”

“My health and life has been greatly improved with your help. As each week passes I am getting stronger. I can climb steps now without difficulty.”

“I retired in 1984 with heart problems and other ailments. Now at 56 I feel like I’m 40 again. I’m having fun playing golf, gardening and enjoying my grandchildren thanks to you.”

Medication, Illness, Disease and Internal Development

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“I lost 20 pounds, and I’m down 3 prescriptions. One was blood pressure me that doctors told me I would have to take for the rest of my life.”

“But now at age 31, after 25 years of taking an average of 4 or 5 medicat time, I can proudly say that I am completely free of all of my medications.”

10 year old Kimberly Tarcynski and 9-year-old Johnathan Giza, plus other ch suffering with Cerebral Palsy are gaining greater motion with your help. The Marie Straight with Orlando Pediatric Multi-Therapy Clinic said, “the children much more motivated with your program”.

“Other students have noted that their Diabetes is under control with less and sometimes NO medicatio have seen students who require nothing but Moo Doe to control their asthma. I have talked to others after years of pain and immobility, now shock their own doctors with their newfound life of flexi and activity.”

“I had a check up at my doctor, after being in the program for only 10 weeks. My doctor asked me w was doing differently. Not only had I lost 10 lbs, but my cholesterol was down to 246 (from close to 400) and overall I passed my physical with great results.”

“I had developed fibromyalgia, an inflammation of muscle and tendon tissue, which causes strengt and pain. Due to the persistent pain I came to you for help. Now I rarely experience tendon of muscle Also, I am stronger, with more energy than before I became ill.”

“Lung capacity increased 30 to 45% in persons of ages 36 through 71 with your breathing niques.”

“A lifelong history of severe asthma caused a separation from my family for a time, at the Asthmatic Foundation for Children in Tucson, Arizona. After some passage of time, I undertook your “Moo Doe” training. I am amazed! I am more physically fit, stronger, and have improved my endurance! My biggest surprise was my asthma has improved. No longer do I have to take my medication on a routine basis.”

“My breathing has expanded past the level I attained when I was running five miles a day and I’ve not been sick since I started with your training.”

“My activities have always been hampered by asthma. I was put on a special program of breathing exercises. Three months later I ran the 800-meter in track without even wheezing.”

“No more antihistamine use! The symptoms are gone.”

“Your help has greatly increased my lung capacity. Dances and exercise, which used to leave me gasping for breath, with a pounding heart, now barely challenge me.”

Arthritis Pain

“The arthritis in my hands and feet not only was crippling me, but also the pain was unbearable. Drug doses kept increasing and surgery was suggested. It would mean I would never be able to close my hands again. Through your system I have overcome these obstacles, and am better now at 62 than I was in my 30s. Thank you.”

With your help my arthritis is cured and my every day aches and pains are gone. My problems from impotency to the state of my mind are cured. I feel like I’m young again.”

“Today, I hike Mt Si, a 4-mile hike with a 3100-foot elevation gain, carrying 20 lb. pack. Thanks to my training I have am seeing how much I have accomplished both physically and mentally. When I began training I was in the process of giving up things that I enjoyed due to the pain it caused in my joints. Who would have ever thought I would return to an activity that I have enjoyed … “hiking“. In this my heart felt gratitude goes out to all the time that you put into our training to help me (us) gain more out of

Improved Structural Issues, Back Pain, Knee, Shoulder, Hips, Neck

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“My chronic back pain was diagnosed as inflamed arthritis in my spine. Prescribed painkillers, medicine for my back and blood pres- sure pills are a thing of the past. Thanks to you.”

“Suffering from frozen shoulder is very debilitating. You cannot move your arm. Only 4 days and I was mobile and back to work. Now it has been over 2 years and I still haven’t had a reoccurrence. How great!”

“My knees don’t bother me and my back is stronger.”

“After having my anterior cruciate ligament replaced there was pain. With your help, the pain is gone and has not returned.”

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“24 men and 34 women with chronic back pain who had no relief from the three standard treatments (steroid injections, physical therapy, and surgery) began treatment with Moo Doe. After 120 days, 90% of the patients were pain free; another 4% had partial relief. These patients all had complete resolution of pain within 140-160 days of therapy. Patients’ ages ranged from 25 to 71 years of age.”

With your help my back, neck, and knee problems have been eliminated.”

“Thanks to your help I no longer have lower back pain and can stand straight without difficulty.”

“My back, shoulder, and knee problems have disappeared. Thank you. After over 1,500 years of de- velopment, I am happy to trust Moo Doe.”

My flexibility is greatly increased and incidents of physical impairment are greatly reduced.”

Soon after beginning your program, I not only can touch my toes, but I can lay my palms flat on the floor. My shoulder and back problems are now only a distant memory.

“As you know, I was greatly concerned about worsening my lower back problem and saw a spine doctor to get her permission to start. I had been suffering from a slipped vertebra, bulging disk and rotated pelvis. While I was still active (biking, hiking, running, yoga, weights), each of these activities was limited or modified to keep me out of pain. Now that I have been practicing for five and a half months, I am pleased to report that my back is in fact much better! I am no longer in daily pain and can move more freely. My balance is much better. Now that I have more strength in my lower back, my spine is more stable and I no longer need to wear a brace when running and hiking. I can easily carry a seven-year-old boy on my shoulders without discomfort, when I was unable to hold even an infant in my arms without pain a year ago.

“After suffering near crippling pain, surgery relieved the immediate pressure on the disc, but for years I suffered residual back pain and stiffness. I can now do things I could not attempt in my 30s.” (now in her 50’s).

“I am 50 years old and have struggled with back discomfort and pulled back muscles for many years. Lack of flexibility has been a major contributing factor to my back problems. Within the first several months, I noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility. The first time I was able to touch my toes was quite an achievement for me, especially since I am 6’ 2”. I recently have been able to touch the floor, and look forward to even more flexibility improvement.”

“The extreme pain and loss of strength in my left knee due to serious tendonitis is a thing of the past.”

“Saddled with hip joint pain, cramping leg pains along with stress caused neck pain, I whined about getting old at my age, etc! With your help my hips, legs, and neck pain were gone within one week!”

“I have worked as a flexibility coach to athletes of all levels for the past 10 years. As a result of my Oom Yung Doe training for the past 4 months, my body now moves in a way that it never could before.”

“After a nearly completely severed leg (held together only by some muscle) and a cut sciatic nerve, only with your help am I whole again. Thank you.”

“An auto accident left me injured and in pain. After a few days of your help, the agonizing pain in my lower back was gone.”

Improved Communication, Family, Work and School

Not only did my personal communication skills greatly improve, but also your teaching has had an immediate and tremendous positive impact on my job performance and career goals!”

“A practicing eye surgeon, I needed some way to relieve the daily stress of long hours of multiple surgeries. Not only am I more relaxed, but my degree of focus and concentration has increased while performing surgeries.”

“What I got from practicing for just a short period of time was the long-awaited peace of mind that I fought so hard for over the past years.”

“What is so special is with your help, I am graduating one year earlier than expected.”

“If there are two words to describe what I’ve gotten from your teachings, I would say “patience” and “peace.”

“After two years of self-help books, I was still stressed out! I now have better mental clarity and have seen a positive change in my life.”

“I continually feel younger as the months ago by as well as an inner peace that I haven’t felt in over fourteen years.”

“Through the training, I’ve gained a lot of self-discipline, will-power, and inner strength.”

Moo Doe has given me sharper mental focus, improved confidence, self-respect, and greater respect for other, and improved patience. It has improved me mentally.”

“Your seminars were definitely successful in helping our people handle stress effectively. Your methods have given us a more healthy, productive work environment.”

“When I began, I understood the claims this program would give, but with the help of the instructors I have managed to start to recover from some old injuries. After the six months, however, I have noticed some very pronounced financial benefits as a result of my training. In the workplace I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to evaluate situations, make good decisions and I have become virtually impervious to stress. My clarity has improved my communication and has given me confidence to deal effectively with any situation. My colleagues and managers have seen this leadership consistently and as a result I have received several pay increases and a promotion. Based on those increases, my practice has more than paid for itself already. Without question the instruction I have received has certainly met and/or exceeded my expectations.”