Traditional Martial Art

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Oom Yung Doe The Grand Master  “Iron” Kim Style
8 Complete Martial Arts Taught as One
You Can Achieve a Remarkable Level of Skill and Ability
Oom Yung Doe is Traditional Moo Doe or True Martial Art training.  Oom Yung Doe offers one of the fastest ways to achieve the incredible mental strength and physical abilities of true Traditional Moo Doe (Martial Art) through International Level Training methods.

Individuals will waste their time and their lives if they believe that they will develop these time-proven benefits on their own by combining arbitrary sets of movement (fabricated movement) into sequences without the key…understanding of how to balance the body & mind.


Practicing Traditional Martial Arts allows you to:

  • Achieve one’s full potential
  • Improve regardless of age of body type
  • Increase Chi or Gi (internal strength)
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Maintain a youthful appearance and ability
  • Promote longevity, inner peace and better condition of life
  • Win over the negative effects of time   (ie. mental & physical deterioration)

Internal Strength

Centuries of research have shown that Traditional Moo Doe is one of the fastest ways to develop the incredible strength of Chi and the even stronger development of Nae Gong power.  Nae Gong is the storage of Chi to be utilized for even more incredible strength that enhances self-harmonization.  This harmony increases the function of the immune system and helps to avoid illness.  Nae Gong practitioners achieved incredible improvement in control of mobility and overall condition by maximizing willpower and developing unused muscles and joints, maximizing use of the mind and body.